Getting stab after an argument with your Cold Boyfriend//Kim Taehyung//Oneshot

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Hey ggukies sorry for the long wait and it's super super short I apologise for that but here is it now please enjoy it even if it's short thank you ????????

Istg this is so lame like I tried making it like a cinema theme but it turns out other way around,i literally cringe at the end when i did the outro where the characters name appears but yeah so it's finally official that im back and I will be posting 1-2 videos per week but please don't expect it to be beautiful because I think I won't add music's and picture's (of the characters)cause it takes too much time for me and I want to catch up with you guys also I already lost 300+ of my subscriber's I'm sorry if I did disappoint you.Thank you for watching please Like and Subscribe ????

????-This video is mine except for the images and music's

????-I wrote this story and this is only a fiction or work of imagine

????-The pictures I use is from Pinterest and Google I only edited it

????-Please don't copy my works

????-Please enjoy watching

????-Credits to owners of music's and picture's

????-Cold Mafia Boyfriend Only Soft For You coming soon

????-Thank you
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Song:LiQWYD-Lay me down
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